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Astrology helps you on two planes. On material plane, it lets you understand your strengths and weaknesses. It helps you to decide whom to trust and whom not to. It guides you through the right times to conduct right activities. On spiritual plane, it helps you to understand your mission in this life. You can reach the ultimate goal of self-realisation through Astrology. If you do not believe in Astrology, then you cannot get these benefits of Astrology which believers get.

Why not? Since your present actions are mere reflections of your past deeds, and the future depends on your present actions, there is always a connection between past, present and future. By erecting the horoscope of a person, an Astrologer can understand his past, present and future. Even Astrology can tell you about your previous birth.

Astrology needs your correct date, time and place of birth to erect your horoscope and predict your future. If you do not have these details, then it is better switch to Palmistry which can predict your future from your palms.

The lines of the palm are not formed because of folding the palms or the movement of our hands. There are three reasons for this.

1) If the lines are formed just because of folding our palms, then you should see only horizontal lines in your palms since you can fold your fingers down towards the inner palm. But, there are also lines that pass vertically in your palms.

2) If the lines are mere marks of movement of muscles then a manual laborer who works more with his hands should have more lines than those of a person who does sedentary jobs. But, in thousands of cases, it is proved that the laborers have very few lines.

3) The lines in the palm are formed by the time the fetus is 10 weeks old. But the muscles to fold the palms are formed after 11 th week.

To judge whether two people can marry or not – an Astrologer should judge the planetary compatibility in the horoscopes of both the bride and bridegroom. A single factor like ‘star’, ‘yoni’ or ‘rajju’ alone should not be given importance in deciding a match.

Gem Stones allow only one type of energy related to a particular planet into our body. So the problems related to that planet can be alleviated by wearing a gemstone. Most people wear Gem Stones depending on their birth star, moon sign or sun sign, or just for fun. This is dangerous. An Astrologer can prescribe a suitable gem for you only after a complete analysis of your horoscope. You can find more information about various gems by clicking here.

If you can change your future as you like, then where God stands? You can change only a few things in your life that are allowed by God depending on your past actions. Astrology gives guidance in those areas to take correct steps at incorrect times to reap maximum benefits. Certain other things which are not sanctioned by God cannot be changed by you or anyone else.

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