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The last 2 years have been nothing short of surprises and disasters. Humanity experienced a highly contagious virus that put the entire world on a halt. We all experienced a sheer change in our day-to-day life and were forced to change our ways and methods of daily life. This event led to tremendous changes In the world of business. Many old businesses were badly hit. Some people managed to just survive while there were also businesses that not only survived but also thrived and made tremendous profits.

One uses the best of skills and resources to earn in business but then it is always better to understand: whether you are fit for doing business at all and if yes, what business one should do which is supported by your horoscope and planets in the horoscope in 2022. The chances of doing a business, which business will give positive outcomes and many other questions can be answered by Guruji by looking at your horoscope.

Success isn’t easy to come by when you are a businessman, especially if destiny isn’t on your side. So, how do you know whether that is the case or not with you? Well, one way to know that is to consult  PANDIT SHRI SIDHANT ARUN SHARMA GURUJI.


To select business using astrology, look at the 2nd, 7th, and 9th houses in your business horoscope that gives you an idea about business selection in ideal terms. Getting a green signal to a venture of your choice depends on the planets present in these three houses and whether they support the ascendant in the 10th house. Mercury associated in the 2nd, 7th, 10th, and 11th house favorable with the rulers of 2nd, 9th, and 10th house gives business success. But, if the 2nd house is affected by a malefic planet, you will either have no interest in doing business or will be doing only a small-scale business.


Partnership ventures won’t be your forte if the 2nd and 7th houses are affected by malefic planets in your business horoscope. The same will be the outcome if the ruler of the 2nd and the 7th house are on equal footing. On the other hand, if Mercury, Moon, or Jupiter in the 7th house are benefic, then you will find success in business partnership either with your wife or with a close friend of the opposite sex.

Moreover, you will find success in a business partnership with any one of your choice if Mercury is sitting in the 2nd or the 7th house and both the houses are equal. So a study of these aspects in a horoscope helps select a business in partnership.


Horoscope plays an important role in selecting the right business. Each individual’s business horoscope is different. Therefore, different people are destined to do different businesses and meet different levels of success. Also, different Zodiac signs indicate the best business for a particular sign. So taking the Zodiac sign’s clue and selecting the best business by horoscope can really help you. Just for ready reference, see the best business that suits a particular sign.

  • Aries – Will excel in businesses related to land, property, real estate, internet, and export-import.
  • Taurus – will find success in administration, education, fashion, management, and theatre businesses.
  • Gemini – Will succeed in businesses related to the medical field, water-related products, art, textiles, or management.
  • Cancer – Will excel in chemical, hotel, and textiles businesses.
  • Leo will succeed in art, share market, trading, and sports businesses.
  • Virgo – Will succeed in businesses related to travel, tourism, and aviation
  • Libra – Will excel in businesses related to media, fashion, and cyber-crime.
  • Scorpio – Will enjoy success in ventures related to hotels, restaurants, property dealerships, and research.
  • Sagittarius – Will succeed in a furnishing business.
  • Capricorn – Will do well in property, real estate, minerals, and steel businesses.
  • Aquarius – will find success in defense, security, and import-export businesses.
  • Pisces – Will be successful in stock market, medicines, astrology, fashion, chemicals, graphic designing, and internet-related businesses.


We highly recommend you to consult with Guruji for perfect guidance on what business you should start and what will be the best time for you to start your business. PANDIT SHRI SIDHANT ARUN SHARMA GURUJI is among the best astrologers in Bangalore. Highly experienced with Astrology and expert in the field of Palm reading, Face reading, and evading clutches of black magic, he is the Best Astrologer to Predict your Destiny.

Everyone regardless of any religion or background is wholeheartedly welcome to Guruji and he is willing to help you to accurately predict your destiny. We have made it even easier for anyone to take a consultation as online consultation services are available just one click away!

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