Does Astrology Really Work? Why Should I Trust Astrology?

The people who don’t believe in astrology often write it off as something Mysterious. They consider Astrology as Black Magic and something to be avoided. But the truth is, astrology is really based on how did the universe look on the day you were born.

Vedic astrology is deeply dependent on Karma and Reincarnation. It’s a common belief that when a person dies, their soul leaves their body. In Vedic tradition, the subconscious mind goes along with the soul, which carries all a person’s memories, feelings, emotions, desires, experiences, and of course, their accumulated karma. This subconscious mind doesn’t know what’s right from wrong and has no logical skills and it just exists.

But in order for any of that information to be put to use, the soul must attach itself to a body. This process happens automatically, and your subconscious actually chooses when you’ll be born, to what parents, at what time, in which place. In this sense, your birth chart is the map of the seed of your karma which has come to a fruition point and has formed your destiny in this lifetime. It’s basically your accumulated karma.

does astrology really work

Check does Astrology really Works?

Let’s say your chart shows that this seed is a Mango seed. That means the potentiality of the seed is to become a mango tree; to grow hundreds of mangoes and make life sweet for others. Astrology helps you rightly identify your karmic past and the choices you need to make to reach your destiny. 

There is a great possibility in every single chart of being a remarkable person. It shows the seed which has the possibility to achieve its fully-grown destiny to bear the fruits of your karma. Basically, your chart is the blueprint of your destiny, written in a language that only an Astrologer can understand.

Astrology empowers each and every person to take control of their lives in some or another way, and ultimately, to fulfill their own individual destiny. But in order to put this invaluable road map to use, you need to consult a highly experienced astrologer.

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