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How to Win Court Cases Using Astrology?

To win court cases astrologically takes an experienced astrologer and a detailed analysis of a client’s horoscope/birth chart. To start with, the astrology of court cases can indicate the best period to file, appear, and defer in case of the court case. If an individual receives correct information regarding these aspects, it would help him glide effortlessly through the court proceedings and, eventually in win the case.

An experienced and able astrologer like PANDIT SHRI SIDHANT ARUN SHARMA GURUJI can check out your horoscope and identify or foresee any court cases or legal matters. You would be surprised to know that such houses or planets act or react differently for different sets of people involved in the court cases. However, you need to keep in mind that different houses in your birth chart depict different genres of court cases. To understand this, we need to understand the extent of human behavior and different forms of people who are associated with court cases.

Remedy to win a court case according to Astrology

The best remedy to win a court case according to Guruji is to strengthen the planets responsible for winning while weakening the planets that work against you. Waiting for the Dasha of a positive planet is also a good way to let success happen organically. The best way to achieve success in a court case astrologically is to weaken the 6th House and its Lord ( its fine if you don’t understand this part) Additionally, appeasing the Nakshatra of either the 6th house or the Nakshatra where the Lord of the 6th House is placed at that time, may also lead you to the desired outcome.

Identifying theBest Dashas for legal issues:

Astrology can effectively read all aspects of human life and this includes the success or failure of court cases in an individual’s life. Being an experienced astrologer myself, I can safely say that astrology is well-equipped to divulge the secrets hidden deep inside human existence. This includes the secrets about court cases too. Whether you are looking for what are the astrological combinations for success in court cases or seeking information on which planet helps in court cases, Vedic Astrology won’t disappoint you. However, a horoscope needs to be read in detail, keeping an open mind, before you can pinpoint the specific durations or time periods conducive for winning court cases

How can Astrology indicate Imprisonment or Freedom?

Yes, you would be surprised to know that in Vedic Astrology, we even have a name for it “ The Bandhan Yoga”. The classical book on astrology, ‘Jataka Tatvam’, explains this Yoga in detail. The Bandhan Yoga relates to prison or police custody, however, it is also attributed to a number of negative influences, including black magic as well. The detailed report of this Yoga is derived from a negatively-placed Saturn as well as an affected 12th House in your birth chart.

A Real-life Client Experience

Mr. Narendra Patil (name changed for privacy purposes) was involved in a court case regarding a fraud case in his company. He was accused falsely by his partners and was a victim of a conspiracy to against him to throw him out of his company, take away all his belongings, and put him behind bars. Mr. Patil hired the best lawyer in Bangalore for his rescue but in vain, they got no results. He wasn’t even been able to get bail. When everyone was in despair, his wife thought of consulting the best astrologer in Bangalore, PANDIT SHRI SIDHANT ARUN SHARMA GURUJI.

Guruji found out that the 6th house on Mr. Patil’s was weak. Hence Guruji performed a very complex Pooja that strengthens the 6th house. The court dates were also altered according to Dashas and Guruji also advised Mr. Patil to change his lawyer to the one who had strong Dasha to support him. The results were clearly seen within 6 months where Mr. Patil was not only cleared of all charges but was also able to get revenge from the real culprits and put them in jail. This enabled Mr. Patil to become the sole owner his company and hence amassed massive wealth. Mr. Patil will lifelong be thankful to his wife for consulting PANDIT SHRI SIDHANT ARUN SHARMA GURUJI.


Although Guruji always recommends going for a settlement in any court case, there are times when one needs to prepare to face the opponent and their bad intentions. PANDIT SHRI SIDHANT ARUN SHARMA GURUJI is known as the best astrologer in Bangalore because he can solve such hard and complex matters with his proficiency and knowledge over the subject of Astrology. We highly recommend you to consult Guruji for the best results. We have made it even easier for anyone to take a consultation as online consultation services are available just one click away!

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