love marriage problems

Love Marriage Problems: How to Convince family for Love Marriage?

Social Stigma about Love Marriage

Love marriages have been infamous in India due to our deep-rooted beliefs in customs and traditions. There are many love marriage problems. We’ve seen love marriages and intercaste marriages cause family problems that end horribly. The best astrologer in Bangalore gives you some insights on how to avoid such family trouble and have a successful intercaste marriage.

These problems we see in love marriages and intercaste marriages are mainly due to the belief that it is not advisable to marry a person outside your caste you were born in. this problem also arises due to our difference in the caste system and how history has looked down on some caste people and how some castes were higher than others. It was strictly prohibited of people from lower caste to have proper conversations with the ones on higher caste. Let alone the idea of marrying. This has continued in our society even today and we see a lot of rejections and frictions in marriages where the people belong to different classes of family.

Love Marriage Problems & Problems in Intercaste Marriages

Intercaste families have a long history of problems where the couple instead chooses to not get married. There are multiples cases where the couple is just disowned by their families. The couple is ostracized by society. Social pressure makes life stressful. There are differences in lifestyle that lead to problems of culture while celebrating festivals.

The families of the couples also try to intervene in the relationship regularly. There will also be problems when the couple has children. The parents have to choose what customs and rituals the children will be taught and followed and this will have a huge impact on their overall life. Wrong decisions here can cause bad fights not just in the families but the involvement of the entire community too.

This can happen when the stars of the couples don’t match or the Dashas for the marriage are wrong. Guruji recommends such couples to consult him once as he can help them identify the right Dashas or timing for marriage and perform the right pooja to avoid any interference.

Astrology Tips for Love Marriage

The tips given below are from the best astrologer in Bangalore, use these tips to attract and engage with the partner so that your stars won’t have an issue with your love life. By following these tips, you gain the favor of the stars and your kundli, which will in turn helps you have a smooth and frictionless marriage.

  1. According to astrology for good lovelife ; Strengthen the planet Venus in the Horoscope. Take steps to make the fifth house in the horoscope and make its leader stronger
  2. Try to meet your soul mate on Friday and on full moon day.
  3.  Maintain sweetness in your love life; you can impress Kamdeva (Cupid or God of love and desire), by the following puja. The chanting of Lord Kamdev mantras brings intense mental and physical attraction.
  4. Keep the fast of sixteen Mondays according to the entire rule. With this, the blessings of Lord Shiva are received and a boon of the kind love.


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