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Relationship Between Nitya Yoga and Personality

What if I tell you that a person’s personality and nitya yoga are related to each other, and could be predicted accurately by an astrologer? The best astrologer in Bangalore shed some light on Nitya yoga in this article. Nitya Yoga here refers to the combination of the Sun and the Moon when a native is born in a constellation. The astrological combinations or Niti yogas help decipher the personality traits of an individual.

The Nitya Yogas are mathematically calculated by adding the longitudes of the Moon and the Sun and dividing the sum by 13 degrees and 20 minutes. the behavior, traits, and nature of an individual born on earth depend on the astrological spread or the position of stars at the time and date of a native’s birth, also known as Tithi (birthdate). Other factors that come into play in determining the nature and predicting the actions of an individual and their consequences are the Yoga, Rashi, and Vaar on which he/she was born.

Personality according to Nitya Yoga


If you are born with Saubhagya Yoga you tend to be a talkative person. You influence others with your expressions, thoughts, and talks.


If you are born with Shobhana Yoga then you are a virtuous person with high intelligence quotient.


A person born with Atiganda Yoga is courageous and benevolent. Such a native, however, may save himself or herself by placing the blame on others.


If you are born with Sukarma Yoga you are likely to be a wealthy individual who possesses excellent business insight.


A native-born with Dhriti Yoga remains restless and is disturbed every now and then. You are inclined towards the opposite sex.


If you are born with Shoola Yoga then you are trustworthy and fortunate. You are inclined towards social service and also seek spiritual knowledge.


If you are born with Ganda Yoga then you are very talkative. You might experience a lot several difficulties in your life


If you are born with Vriddhi Yoga you are a pure, kind-hearted, and intelligent person. You are likely to hold a position of power and authority. You are a nature-lover.


A native-born with Dhruva Yoga is drawn towards vicious acts and evil deeds. You are likely to face obstacles in life due to secret enemies conspiring against you


If you are born with Vyaghata Yoga then you are a multi-tasking individual. You are likely to have several enemies.


If you are born with Harshana Yoga you are dominating and authoritative in nature. You possess a dynamic persona


If you are born with Harshana Yoga you are dominating and authoritative in nature. You

possess a dynamic persona


If you are born with Siddhi Yoga then you are interested in material possessions. You possess great skills and acquire wealth


Those born with Vyatipata Yoga get involved in debates and arguments. You display a tendency to spend money in a lavish and extravagant manner.


If you are born with Variyan Yoga then you like to make everyone happy around you. People usually admire your skills, knowledge, and wealth


If you are born with Parigha Yoga then you are knowledgeable and master several subjects. You might face obstacles because of your wrong and wicked behavior.


If you are born with Shiva Yoga you are a benevolent and true person. You seek the welfare of people.


Natives with Siddha Yoga are good at offering consultancy services to people. You seem to be a good legal and relationship advisor.


If you are born with Sadhya Yoga you are a hard-working, diplomatic and determined person. You stay confident in your work and are likely to make huge financial gains and get social recognition.


If you are born with Shubha Yoga you are true, warm-hearted, and flexible in nature. You live life on a set of principles.


If you are born with Shukla Yoga you are faithful and intellectual. You have a hunger for learning about Hindu Vedas


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