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The Truth About Cancer and Astrology

Why cancer Treatment is So Hard?

Billions of dollars have been spent on cancer treatment and finding a solution for cancer and yet we haven’t reached very far in it yet. To understand why, we need to understand that cancer is not a single disease, but it is an umbrella term for hundreds of types of rouge cell mutations that have formed lumps and destroyed functioning cells in our body. The mutation feature of the cells makes it very hard to treat as they evolve regularly and the treatment varies from person to person because the cells are made from our own cells from our own body. Hence these cells are different at the genetic level.

The complexity of Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment can be really hard and taxing to see results because of the reasons given below:

Cancer is not just one disease: cancer is a broad term for more than 200 types of diseases. Each broad type has many subtypes and they all behave differently. They all look different because they have different genetic and molecular structures.

Cancer cell within a single tumor is different: not every cell in a cancer tumor are the same. That means that a specific type of treatment can kill one type of cancer cell but the other ones survive and the tumor continues to grow.

Treatment eventually stops working: the genetic mutations the cancer cell acquires over time mean that the cells change the way they behave from time to time. This can be incredibly difficult because the cancer cells become resistant to the medications and hence a new type of treatment has to be started again.

Cancer cells are very resilient: Normal cells have a certain type of mechanism to stop them from growing or dividing too much. Cancer cells have lost this mechanism and have developed methods to trick and stop anything from stopping their growth.

Astrological Tips to Help Cancer Treatment

Major health problems are seen in your body when you have a weak Jupiter planet in your Rahu. If Jupiter is weak in your horoscope, you might face problems related to liver, jaundice, obesity, cancer, and diabetes. The following tips help you strengthen your Jupiter and also help you with good mental wellbeing.

1. Wear a yellow cap or turban. This will help you receive blessings from the sun god who is known to burn impurities and make you pure.

2. Apply sandalwood paste (yellow color mark) on the forehead: sandalwood has a special place in ancient Vedic cultures and has been said to be good for mood and mental wellness. It will help you stay strong during your treatment journey

3. Give bananas or sweets in charity to old people and orphans: this helps you gain some good karma which helps you have a positive fate in your life.

4. Make it a habit to help your siblings:  this also will help you in gaining some good karma and good luck.

5. Wear gold jewelry: gold has special properties in astrology that help evade problems related to liver jaundice and diabetes.

6. Use your father’s items like a vehicle or pen.


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