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How Can Astrology Curb My Financial Problems?


The practice of reading the stars to gain insight into our lives has been around for thousands of years, and yet it’s still vastly misunderstood. This powerful tool that we can utilize to navigate our world. Money is our sole means and is known to make our existence smooth and comfortable. If you come across someone who says money is not important to him/her that person for sure is lying.


The primary means to ensure that you are blessed with abundance is to make sure that you keep Lord Kuber happy. He is the God of Wealth and if you keep him happy there will never be a shortage of anything in your life.

PANDIT SHRI SIDHANT ARUN SHARMA GURUJI has been awarded the JYOTISH RATNA AWARD in Bangalore, making him the ideal choice for astrological consultation. His consultation can show you the right path and the right pooja required to curb any curse or black magic which is causing the financial problem you face right now.


Here are some tips are given to you as BONUS from PANDIT SHRI SIDHANT ARUN SHARMA GURUJI to help you to make sure that you keep the lord of wealth, Lord Kuber happy.

  • Place the cash locker or your cash cupboard in the south or south-west wall of the house and ensure that it opens in the North direction. North is the direction for Lord Kuber and opening the locker in this direction ensures that He can fill it again and again.
  • Consult the best astrologer of Bangalore, PANDIT SHRI SIDHANT ARUN SHARMA GURUJI. He’s a expert in face and palm reading, Vastu Shastra and black magic . Guruji has the right expertise in astrology and can give you the best advice and guidance to curb your financial problems.
  • Money earned through false means never stays. Keep this in mind while conducting all dealings.
  • Donate some portion of your earnings each month in charity. This will earn you blessings of Goddess Lakshmi thereby ensuring your happiness and prosperity.
  • Treat the women in the house with utmost respect. They are the embodiments of Goddess Lakshmi.
  • After a bath, each day, pray and seek blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and apply a tilak made of saffron on your forehead.
  • The lady of the house must throw a tumbler full of water every morning at the main entrance. This makes it easy for wealth and prosperity to enter the house.


We hope you apply the tips given to you by Guruji to make a change towards a positive life. We would highly recommend you to take online consultation from Guruji to ensure the root cause of your problems is solved and you never face any financial problems because of your ‘Dosha’.

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