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Though mental wellness may appear like a psychological subject, a psychologist is dependent on a questionnaire he provides to the patient and makes the analysis based on this. On the other hand, a trained astrologer like PANDIT SHRI SIDHANT ARUN SHARMA GURUJI can predict the reality of the body, mind, and intellect of the client in moments of meeting him.

A person’s Birth chart gives plenty of hints as to what makes him/her sick. All of the Moon signs have their positive and negative impacts but the water signs are more prone to mental illness. Water signs are very sympathetic and thoughtful of all the others.



the position of and strength of the moon, play a significant role to see the mental status of the person. So firstly you need to understand what is a balanced moon and an imbalanced moon.

Imbalanced moon:  moon represents the water and 70 % of our body is water. Thus if the moon is weak it will definitely affect the fluids in your body, this will result in mood swings over sensitivity, sadness, and anger issues.

Balanced moon:

If the moon is balanced means the person knows the art to stay in a joyful mood. He is emotionally very strong and also very good imaginative and intuitive skills.

Now let’s see the factors with other planets and noon that cause the problems. First, you have to check the position of the moon In the Lagna chart. If there is any relation with the 6th, 8th and 12th lord then the moon is weak and due to this you might be facing mental issues.


Mercury should be well placed in the horoscope for the proper functioning of the nervous system as Mercury rules our nervous system. A nervous breakdown can be easily predicted by the combination of Mercury and Saturn depending on its placement in the horoscope. Speech disorder is frequent if Mercury is weak or afflicted by any malefic planet. A weak or retrograde Mercury in the fifth house can lead to insane, mental problems or poor reflex action.


Saturn is a justice-loving planet that evaluates human strength under tricky conditions, time and again. It classifies our deeds and pays off the consequences when Saturn comes into rule, according to the horoscope in the Major period, Minor period and mainly in the yearly horoscope that governs for a specific year. Saturn alone or in conjunction with Rahu in the first and the second house in the horoscope makes a person addicted in some way either to drugs, smoking, tobacco or alcohol.

Saturn on its own as well as in enemy sign easily leads to unwise decisions, inhuman, immoral or insane behavior. Saturn in first house and Mars in fifth, seventh or at ninth position leads to insane behavior. Saturn with the Moon in the twelfth house too leads to insane conditions. Saturn in conjunction with Sun leads to aggressive behavior, anxiety, isolation and psychological disorders. Saturn gives bad results in the eighth house.


Mars has a major effect on man’s courage, fidelity, energy and sportsmanship. An adverse effect of Mars indicates the disorder to be more chronic and physical. Native with Mars and Rahu in the first, third, fifth house have a criminal bent or can be a terrorist. Grave mental bipolar disorders are to be feared if Mars, Saturn and Rahu cast adverse aspects on the Moon, Mercury and the 5th, 6th and 8th houses

. Every normal human being is liable to some disturbing mental issue due to the influence of Mars or Saturn during a lifetime but it is only in the extreme case of mental illness that the destructive effects are visible. A combination of Mars and Saturn leads to isolation, harsh and antisocial behavior.


A good aspect of Jupiter can evade mental disorders. Jupiter in retrograde stage or under the malefic influence or situated in sixth, eighth, twelfth house can lead to several unnatural behavior, psychological /neural disorders, and phobias. Visiting religious places, temples is not favorable in such cases when native have Jupiter in such positions in birth chart or in varshfal, Sun in the second house can enhance the ego problem or lead to overconfidence.

Over excitement in Virgo, Gemini Sign due to Sun can be observed. Lack of confidence can be seen in horoscopes with the Sun at position sixth and twelve.


There can be various different types of remedies for mental health according to astrology. To get the best-suited remedy for you, we highly recommend you to consult Guruji once. It is important to understand their methods and significance. Here we elaborate to you a few general astrological remedies for peace of mind according to Guruji. Few are as follows:

  • Worshipping in chanting of mantras of afflicted planets and Wearing Moon Yantra permanently to keep the mental stress away.
  • Wearing Silver and other associated metals which will help you to curb mental tensions.
  • Regularly worship Lord sun, the Moon, and Mercury with flowers, sweet and incense.
  • Observe remedies to the please planet responsible for mental stress. Worshipping with full devotion and making Lord Shiva happy is amongst the best astrological remedies for mental tension.


We highly recommend you to consult with Guruji for complete knowledge on your Kundli and stars so that the main reason behind the stress and frustrations can be found out. This way you can be very sure about what method of solution can be applied so get rid of your problem. PANDIT SHRI SIDHANT ARUN SHARMA GURUJI is among the best astrologers in Bangalore. Highly experienced with Astrology and expert in the field of Palm reading, Face reading and evading clutches of black magic, he is the Best Astrologer to Predict your Destiny.

Everyone regardless of any religion or background is wholeheartedly welcome to Guruji and he is willing to help you to accurately predict your destiny. We have made it even easier for anyone to take a consultation as online consultation services are available just one click away!

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