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monthly horoscope prediction: March 2022

Get Monthly horoscope prediction from the best astrologer PANDIT SHRI SIDHANT ARUN SHARMA GURUJI. Guruji is among the best astrologers in the city of Bangalore. He has been practicing astrology from the past 4 decades.

Pandit Shri Sidhant Arun Sharma Guruji has also been felicitated with the auspicious jyotish ratna award by the Bhraman Community in Jyotishya. Guruji is available for consultations in over 8 branches throughout Karnataka. The main branches being located in Whitefield and Banashankari layout, Bangalore. Guruji has helped over 7000 major clients solve problems and has made over 10,000 consultations! This article gives you an insight of what surprises the month of march has for you!


Aries: You will be successful on the career front and will face every challenge effectively. Some people at the workplace may conspire against you but they won’t be able to do any damage. Avoid making any risky financial investment during the month and stick to your budget.

Taurus: You could undertake a long journey this month. There could be some unfavourable developments at the workplace which can lead to transfer or relocation for some. Take care of your father’s health and stay on your guard.

Gemini: Your financial situation will stabilise and you will feel mentally secure. But avoid quirky investments and focus on long­term options. Some new challenges can crop up in your job and you could be given some additional work outside your domain. Avoid being rude with your love partner.

Cancer: Keep your calm at the workplace and avoid getting into unproductive conversations. Those in business should avoid starting something new this month. Singles will find a new spark in their love life which will add momentum. Guard against stomach issues.

Leo: You will find yourself in a competitive environment this month. You will have to work hard to get whatever you want. But professionally this is an auspicious phase as you could be considered for a new role in your organisation. Those involved in legal issues can face some additional stress. You can purchase some electronic item for the family. Plan your doctor visit this month.

Virgo: There can be an increase in your expenses this month and you may need adequate financial planning to avoid going overboard. Nonetheless, this period augurs well for your financial growth as you are likely to receive incentives and perks at the work front. Don’t’ react when it comes to handling personal relationships. Maintain a regular workout routine.

Libra: You will be required to take on additional workload which can spoil your pre­existing commitments with the family. It will bear fruit as you will be adequately rewarded by your seniors. This is a favourable time to invest in a property or shift to a new house. Take care of your mother’s health. Watch out for eye­related ailments.

Scorpio: You will be high on energy this month and will stay motivated to achieve your goals. Investments done in the past will now start showing positive signals. Your younger siblings will prove lucky for you. You are likely to recover from any on going health issue.

Sagittarius: You need to be wary of your competitors this month as they can try to damage your image. Be careful while signing official documents as well as your conduct with female employees. Refrain from speaking ill against anyone and do not participate in office gossips.

Capricorn: You will be right on the money as far as your professional goals are concerned. You will execute every task with vigour and will be prompt in taking decisions. However, guard against unwanted aggression as it can cause some sparks in your personal life. This is a good time to purchase a new property or spend on household work.

Aquarius: You need to approach cautiously this month. You are likely to remain prone injuries, hence adequate precautions are advised. Some unforeseen expenditure is likely to come up that can cause undue stress. Maintain your calm, Those aspiring to relocate or travel abroad will be successful.

Pisces: Prosperity abound for you this month. You can step into a new role which will give you more power and authority to take decisions. Those in business are likely to crack new financial deals. Those who are single are likely to find a compatible partner.


The above given CLAIMS ARE PURELY BASED ON ASTROLOGICAL PREDICTIONS and DO NOT MAKE ANY CLAIMS TO BE 100% ACCURATE. We highly recommend consulting PANDIT SHRI SIDHANT ARUN SHARMA GURUJI for solving any of your life problems. He is Highly experienced with Astrology and expert in the field of Palm reading, Face reading and evading clutches of black magic.

PANDIT SHRI SIDHANT ARUN SHARMA GURUJI is the Best Astrologer to Predict your Destiny by reading your chart. Everyone regardless of any religion or background is wholeheartedly welcome to Guruji. We have made it even easier for anyone to take a consultation as online consultation services are available just one click away!

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