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how to get a job



This Blog explains How to get a job when you have tried every possible methods you know. The job market in 2022 is hyper competitive. Especially in a country like India where we have 1.4 billion stomachs to feed, It is nearly impossible for everyone to get a good job. The situation was really bad just 2 years ago when the pandemic just started.

But now we see things changing rapidly. We expired hyper growth rate after the pandemic and also seen many new opportunities come up during this period. The world has changed faster than ever before and people also called the pandemic as a Catalyst to the future.


There is no fixed definition of what a good job is. This is a parameter that is different for each one of us and changes from person to person. We se that a person’s ideal job requirements are based on his/ her idea of a ideal life. Some people are willing to sacrifice their time with their families and friends and work harder than the rest of the world for achieving a better life, drive q better car and live in a better place.

On the other hand there are also people who are not willing to sacrifice anything and yet want a dream sized life which is impossible. So based on what you want, you decide how many hours you want to put in, you properly understands your needs and wants, think of the fields that interest you, include your prior experiences and finally come to an conclusion of what kind of job suits you. It Is very important for anyone to know what you are ideally looking for. Without this knowledge you will be always wandering without result. Once you know what you want, we can go ahead looking for it.


In this competitive market you need to make sure that you are atleast up to date in knowledge, skill and in league of all the other potential job seeker who want a ideal job as you want. Make sure u get the required educational qualifications to qualify to appear for these job interviews. Also see to that if you don’t have the traditional college degree in that field, the advancements in the Ed-tech field has made the process of learning a new skill and getting certifications very easy.

You can now sit at the comfort of your home and get a degree in your field of choice. Also make sure you work in your communication skills and better your English language proficiency. Watch content in English and also find someone with whom you can converse in English regularly. if you successful build these skills and work on regularly upgrading yourself, you will no doubt get your dream job, but also grow at a regular pace and gain more than that you expected.


The tips given below generally work well with everyone and helps you with getting a good job or placements. These tips also help you with focus an helps you get your important tasks done and wade away negative energies.

Direction: the best direction for work direction is facing east. Try to align your desk facing east. Your work place plays a import role in how you feel while doing hard tasks and whether you complete the tasks or not.

Furniture: see to that you have a good furniture that helps you have a good comfortable stance. See to that you feel comfortable sitting at a spot for long hours.

Direction for important calls: during important work or business calls, try and face east or north to gain better financial gains and have luck favour you.

⦁ Plants: Keep plants at your study/work table as they attract positive energies.


The above given CLAIMS ARE PURELY BASED ON ASTROLOGICAL PREDICTIONS and DO NOT MAKE ANY CLAIMS TO BE 100% ACCURATE. We highly recommend consulting PANDIT SHRI SIDHANT ARUN SHARMA GURUJI for solving any of your life problems. He is Highly experienced with Astrology and expert in the field of Palm reading, Face reading and evading clutches of black magic.

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