Learn about your personality from the style you sign

The face is the Index of Mind, that is, the facial mind indicator. You can easily see the look on your face and see the sign you make. Everyone knows a little about this. Let’s base ourselves on what our personality looks like.

Signature and the line drawers below: Such people have a lot of confidence, but they believe in certain things blindly.

If the signature is larger than the handwriting: They earn respect and dignity in society.

If the signature is downward: selfishness is more likely.

If the signature is upwards: you have a keen intellect. Your journey on the development trajectory.

If the first letter of the signature is large: most likely the leadership features (Mahatma Gandhi’s signature was larger than the first letter).

If the line is drawn from the last letter of the signature: You often think about the past. Not paying attention to the present. If there are dots in the signature: they are the nature that I am always busy with.

If there is an increase in the signatures: the initial vigor is high, there are white ideas, but you only fail to practice

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