The Role of Planets in Marriage

Venus in the horoscope, lunar, aristocrat, Venus is strong, good marriage. Marriage positions 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 12 should be judged by Lagna, Moon, and Venus, which are important for a marriage.

1. Lunaticism – The quality of a horoscope, indicating his happiness. 2. Family Feeling – The horoscope refers to the family spirit. 4. Happiness – refers to marital happiness. 7. Inferiority – The quality of a spouse refers to the happiness that comes from them. 8. Mangalya Bhava – refers to the life span of the spouse. 12. Husband – Wives signify mutual love and mutual affection.

Good marital life is when the auspicious ones are settled in all these feelings. If the ominous, afflicted, astral, or obscure planets are in place, there will be fluctuations in the life of the respective planets.

Happy Marriage – Moon, Venus, Jupiter. Bad for married life- Ravi, Rahu, Saturn. The family, the good, and the profit position, and the status of the wedding party, should be good, and the status of the wedding carrier should be good for those who are getting married to Kuza, Ketu Mercury (Shubha, if they are affiliated with Shubha or Kumbha). In any horoscope, the 2, 7, 11 12th clans are strong.

In the horoscope, the Saptapadhyapati is a strong man, to a high degree, the Self, the ally, the marriage partner, and the best partner. If you are a strong man in the eyes of the auspicious planet.

Venus Yoga with a good partner if the artisan Venus is in the eyes of the Guru. In the men’s horoscope. Moon is in 2nd or 4th Late marriage Venus (in both horoscopes of male and female) in weddings of Aries, Lion, Virgo, Dhanasas, Capricorn, etc.

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