Problems and remedies if the planets are weak in the horoscope of Jataka

(Lal Kitab Remedies)

I the planets are present in 1. Nichatva, 2. shatrakshetra 3. Dusthana, 4.Astaṅgata 5. 812th Position, 6. If he is in another center which is not his / her own as the head of state, 7.Planets are considered weak when they are defeated in this war.

Problems with ravines: –

Lack of respect for self-confidence, courage, lack of enthusiasm, fear of others. Not persevere. Almost all dependence on others is a failure in life, boredom in the bosses, disobedience to the father, psychological violence from a son, trouble in the right eye, trouble in life, a punishment in a family, the problem of a wife or wife, the lack of mental anguish, lack of empathy, loss of appetite, loss of appetite Heart failure, lack of blood circulation, neuropathy, vision loss, arthritis and bones.


Worship Siva and Ravi, marrying between the ages of 1 to 3, donate to the temple the gifts given by others associated with Ravi, using white or pink objects, and convert sugar into rose buds with rose flowers. Get a government employee or doctor. Feed the blind, the ape, or the cuckoo. In the evening, give the ants rice and sugar. Offer some fire to the fire before taking the food. Donate jaggery, copper and gold. Put the copper or metal coin into the flowing water and put the charcoal, mustard or barley in the water flowing the day of the eclipse. Eat some fresh water before starting work. Let the house be on the east wall of the kitchen. Don’t give false testimonies, leave meat and alcohol. Reduce salt intake and fast on Sundays. Worship Vishnu and read the Harivamsa.

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