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Fasting has been practiced for thousands of years and has been mentioned many times in the Vedic books for its power of healing ailments in the body and helping the body get rid of its worldly needs and meet the divine state. Fasting has been accepted to give numerous health benefits to the body and has been recognized by the scientific community.

The practice of not eating a particular type of food or nothing at all for a prolonged period of time such as a day or two for health and spiritual benefits is called fasting.

Many doctors these days advise keeping a fast for at least 2 days a month so that the body can focus on the regenerative activities apart from the process of digestion. The digestion process is a very energy-intensive process and the body does not actively work in the healing and regenerative process while digestion is going on. So when we regularly keep eating every 3 to 5 hours, our body does not get enough time to heal and replenish. Hence a day or two of fasting not only builds our hunger resistance which is a part of discipline but also helps the body to DETOX and stay healthy.


Fasting has scientifically been proven to give many health benefits for people across different age groups. These benefits range from increased brain functionality to better metabolism. The results might differ from person to person and the body might react a bit differently from each other depending on your current health factors.

We highly recommend talking to your doctor before getting onto any fasting routine. However, these are the general benefits that are experienced by every practitioner of fasting :

  1. Promote blood sugar control by reducing insulin resistance. This is very helpful for people who are at the risk of developing diabetes. Fasting can be considered as a preventive measure to prevent diabetes.
  2. Enhances heart health by improving blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol levels
  3. As calorie intake is reduced it may help to reduce weigh build better metabolism. A healthier metabolism ensure that your body weight is well regulated and you look slimmer.
  4.  Increases growth hormone secretion, which is vital for growth, metabolism, weight loss and muscles strength.


There are different types of fasting that differ from each other based on the period of fasts and what can be eaten and what cannot. We are going to focus mainly on intermittent fasting which is the most popular and trending type of fasting. This type of fasting is easy to include in the daily routine of most people and also promises great overall benefits.

There are different types of intermittent fasting too. These are:


The most popular type, eat during any 8-hour cycle in a day of fast for the remaining 16 hours. This type of fasting is ideal for beginners and can be inculcated in the routine of anyone.


Full day fast for 1 or 2 alternating days in a week. This type of fasting will require you to cut down all foods completely and might not be ideal for a beginner.


Reduces skin aging, fast loss, reduced any kind of inflammation in the body, builds a strong immune system, improves sleep, promotes new brain cell growth, enhanced cellular energy, helps prevent heart diseases, improves the digestion process.

We highly suggest you start with the Reverse Fasting method as it is ideal for beginners. Please keep in mind that take the process slowly and do not jump onto completely cutting eating at once. Take one step at a time and make sure that you have enough energy to get through the day. Also make sure that when you do eat, eat a healthy diet that fulfills your daily nutrition and energy needs.


Fasting has been in practice for thousands of years. It has mainly been used for spiritual gains. Astrology promotes the practice of fasting as it helps the body gain control over its cravings and worldly needs. a person who can control his cravings and worldly needs can truly be liberated of worldly pains and meet his enlightenment.

Sadhus and saints have been practicing this for ages and it helps them prolong their life span by a great margin. PANDIT SHRI SIDHANT ARUN SHARMA GURUJI has been a regular practitioner of fasting and recommends his clients follow the routine to enhance their spirituality.


The above-given tips of fasting help you grow spiritually and build mental toughness. Guruji is an avid practitioner of fasting and highly recommends performing it regularly for having a sound mind and body. We highly recommend consulting PANDIT SHRI SIDHANT ARUN SHARMA GURUJI as he is Highly experienced with Astrology and expert in the field of Palm reading, Face reading, and evading clutches of black magic.

He is the Best Astrologer to Predict your Destiny by reading your chart. Everyone regardless of any religion or background is wholeheartedly welcome to Guruji. We have made it even easier for anyone to take a consultation as online consultation services are available just one click away!

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