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All the events in the cosmos and on earth are linked together by an invisible magic bond. Only on the basis of this mysterious magical connection can astrology assume that the stars have something to do with the course of our lives, with our talents and weaknesses. In this regard, astrology is related to the nature religions. These also assume that nature is inhabited and governed by magical powers, demons, and gods.

Like the nature religions, astrology believes in a multitude of gods; it is polytheistic at its core. Each planet and sign of the zodiac is the expression of a particular god or demon. But astrology is also sometimes accepted by religions which know only one creator ­ god, like Hindusim, Budhism , Christianity, and Islam. Then the many star ­ gods become angels and demons which are subordinated to the one God and, as such, understood as “instruments” of God.

But in its scientific side, astrology is also very loosely defined. It divides the heavens into geometrically exact sectors, calculates—like every astronomer—the orbits of the planets, and employs complicated calculations to obtain from the manifold movements of the earth and the heavenly bodies the horoscope. The word horoscope goes back to the Greek and means roughly: “looking into the hour.”

By this it is meant that the astrologer, in accordance with the exact time a person is born, observes the heavens and calculates all the planets, as well as the sign of the zodiac rising over the eastern horizon. He then prepares a chart which indicates the astronomically exact positions of the stars in relation to the place of birth. Astrology is thus also quite simply astronomy, or better: its religious understanding of the cosmos is based on exact scientific calculations.


Regardless of what we think of astrology, it is there and it enjoys growing popularity in both its popular as well as its more serious varieties. When we seek its place in the contemporary religions and religious currents, we find it in the traditional religions, in Hinduism and in Buddhism, in Islam as well as Christianity. But above all we encounter it today in the realm of the esoteric. But it is not quite so simple regarding the esoteric as it is with the traditional religions which we can describe clearly.

The term OBSCURE, outlines today a reality, or a way of life in which quite diverse doctrines from various religions are loosely assembled. Hardly an insider or outsider knows exactly what belongs to the esoteric and what does not. We can only roughly indicate that meditation and psychology, the belief in karma and reincarnation, magic, astrology and a belief in the hereafter, as well as health and ecology can belong to it.

The word obscure actually comes from ancient Greece and means teachings which were spread only in an inner circle of the few initiated, and which had to be kept secret from the outer world. The importance of secrecy lay in the fact that these teachings were supposed to be protected from falsification and preserved in their original form. Modern obscurity is a very broad and diverse movement which actually practices the opposite. It is quite present in the public eye, with course offers, periodicals, and a hardly manageable number of books.


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