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Everyone wants to have true love and a true partner whom they can rely on during hard times, a partner who can be trusted anytime and can be with us during the ups and downs of life. But finding such a partner was never easy. Gone are the days when your parents were incharge of finding a life partner for you.

In this generation its mostly your duty to find someone whom you are compatible with. So how can astrology help me with this? Actually astrology has been used to for match making since millennials and can still prove to be effective in finding a partner that matches both of your personalities. In this article, Pandit M B Joshi explains how astrology and real world efforts can help you flood with potential and interested love partners.


Just like we are very different from each other our choices and preferences change from each other. What might be ideal partner for one may not be ideal for another. Hence the idea of an perfect and ideal partner does not exist and it is impossible for anyone to have all positive points and not have any negative points. You need to first think about what you want from your life, where you see yourself in the next 5 year, 15 years and 30 years and ahead. This is a very important factor to consider and if these points don’t match then you may experience clashes in the relation further along the path.


Every character comes with a flaw. And this is a universal truth. You need to accept the fact that no matter how good somebody is there is always some or the other negative point that you won’t like about that person. And this is totally okay. An ideal or perfect life partner is only possible in fairy tales and in the real world you need to accept people as they are. You cannot change those negative things about them.

If you believe in the idea of an ideal partner to be flawless in every sense then sadly you are going to have a very frustrating relationship experience. So learn to accept the people as they are. Offcourse you need to make sure you let your partner know about things that make you uncomfortable, it is necessary to be realistic about what you are asking from your partner. These points make it easier for an relationship to flourish and you finding your true love.


These tips given below from Guruji are general tips that will help you wade off any misfortune and attract the ideal life partner from your dreams and find true love in this life.

  • Work upon the planet Venus in the Horoscope. Take steps to make the fifth house in the horoscope and make its leader stronger.
  • According to astrology must be in red, pink, and yellow colour items in gift. Do not donate anything that is black in colour, thing to each other.
  • Maintain sweetness in your love life; you can impress Kamdeva (Cupid or God of love and desire), by the following puja. The chanting of Lord Kamdev mantras brings intense mental and physical attraction.
  • Keep the fast of sixteen Mondays according to the entire rule. With this, the blessings of Lord Shiva are received and a boon of the kind love.
  • GOLDEN TIP: before you set expectations from your ideal partner, see to that you are an ideal partner first. If you are a successful person who can talk and communicate well, present yourself well and stay well groomed, you will never face any problems finding a suitable partner for yourself.


Hope the tips given here by Panditji helps you find true love as well as fix any problems you face in your love life. We highly recommend to take s

The above given CLAIMS ARE PURELY BASED ON ASTROLOGICAL PREDICTIONS and DO NOT MAKE ANY CLAIMS TO BE 100% ACCURATE. We highly recommend consulting PANDIT SHRI SIDHANT ARUN SHARMA GURUJI for solving any of your life problems. He is Highly experienced with Astrology and expert in the field of Palm reading, Face reading and evading clutches of black magic.

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