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Stock Market Prediction Using Astrology

Investment Tips for Stock Market

We have seen a high rise in the number of active investors in the stock market in the last 5 years. This article will help you in stock market prediction and select stocks from the Indian stock market bases on the predictions from the best astrologer in Bangalore. The rise in the active number of investors in the stock market is huge because of the rise of personal development space and the financial literacy that is freely available on the internet. People are more willing to invest their money than just keeping them as deposits in the accounts.

This has led to a sharp increase in the size of the total market capitalization of Indian market indices. With a huge number of new investors who control a large amount of market capitalization, it wouldn’t be wrong to say the stock market is more volatile than ever before. We have seen many stocks rise astronomically in a short span and also literally disappear from the markets in a short span. So it is needless to say the new investors need to be more patient with the market and not act upon the minor timely corrections that keep happening in the market from time to time.  Regardless of how much you invest, remember these points in your investment journey.

  • Know the difference between trading and investing: always remember that the stock market can be used as an instrument to both grow your wealth on long term as well as intra-day trading for making quick money. Regardless to say earing an regular income from the stock market on the short term will take expertise and most traders lose money in their initial years. So be sure that what your goals are from the markets.
  • For investors, look at making investments as a habit you follow just like going to gym or having a regular monthly haircut. On the long term, consistency matters the most. Calculate the amount of surplus money you have every month after expenses and then invest that money in blue chip stocks every month regularly.
  • Use the power of compounding in the stock market. The power of compounding is said to be the 8th wonder of the world. Invest in stocks that provide a regular dividend and use that dividend to buy more shares of the same company. By doing this you will leverage the  money invested and will grow exponentially as the years go on.

Stock Market Predictions for Month

Share market 2022 for the month of March states that there will be some disruptions in the market trends due to Government reforms and budgets which will impact the share market. The inflation will decrease, influencing the prices of shares. There will be some new companies open to the stock market. Mercury will transit in Aquarius on 6th March which will bring some changes in the industry trends and the share prices of industries (LTTS, GKW Ltd, IRCTC) will fluctuate.

An upsurge will be seen in the prices of oil (Power Grid Corporation, Reliance, Adani Energy) and mining companies (NMDC, Coal India, MOIL) in the first week of March. Some new companies from the service sector will rise up in the market. The market will favor the Bulls in the second week of the month. The Engineering sector (AIA Engineering, ABB India, Siemens, Honeywell Auto) will be on the upward trend. The transit of the Sun in Pisces will bring some alterations in the Government Policies and the stock market will move northwards.

Upsurge in the PSU (Bharat Petroleum Ltd, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, GAIL) stocks will be witnessed. Jupiter will be out of combustion by 27th March which will make the gold market stable with minor or no fluctuations by the end of the month.


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