The Russia-Ukraine war has totally devastated the world. economy throughout the world has been hit badly. The consequences of Vladimir Putin continuing this war can be dire. Putin has stayed in power I Russia since last 2 decades and has raised the country’s reputation as the most fierce and powerful country in the world.

The invasion on Ukraine was an unprecedented move that the whole world has condemned this move made by Russia. People are coming up with theories that this is the beginning on the next world war. What is truly going to happen, will Ukraine be destroyed? Will Europe be torn apart by another war? Will Putin be successful in his endeavor? Guruji has answewd to these questions below!


PANDIT SHRI SIDHANT ARUN SHARMA GURUJI predicts that the attacks on Ukraine will continue until mid-march. This will lead to destruction of Vladimir Putin’s name and reputation which was strong before the attack on Ukraine. Putin has had strong support from his luck and fate from the past 2 decades and has been successful in all the endeavors he has taken part in.

He rose to power from being a KGB agent and became the president of the biggest country in the world. Not only he became the president but also was successful to maintain his power for long period of time. He was able to raise a war broken country of Russia after the fall of the soviet Union. But this is not going to continue for every long. Predications say that Putin will be un-successful in his task this time.

We are already seeing Ukraine fight back strong. The tensions might continue until the end of this year and may last until 2024. This period will be full of turmoil for the world and Putin himself as well.


After being ordered by Russia’s leader to invade the capital of Ukraine Russian troops are advancing in several directions. Zelensky’s early morning address to the T.V. audience on Feb. 24 said Russia was under constant threat from Ukraine, which he claimed to be a continuous threat to Russia. As the first targets were hit, airports and the military H.Q.s were located near cities across Ukraine, then Russian and Belarusian tanks and troops rolled into the country from the north, east, and south.

The arguments presented by President Putin were false and irrational. Putin made a public remark saying that he was trying to demilitarize and de‐Nazifying Ukraine, he claimed he wanted to safeguard people subjected to bullying and genocide. Despite reports contrary,

Ukraine is a thriving democracy headed by a Jewish president. Volodymyr Zelensky, compared the Russian invasion to Hitler’s world war 2 invasions into Jewish led countries.
The Russians began building their military presence around Ukraine in late 2021 under various pretexts while remaining vague on their intentions. It includes Belarus, a country Russia considers a close ally. Thousands of troops were hovering on the border in December, virtually encircling the country, stoking tensions to the point that President Putin and U.S. President Joe Biden spoke.

Russia increased its forces surrounding Ukraine earlier this year, which heightened fears. Since then, Biden and Putin have spoken again, a U.N. Security Council meeting has been called, and heads of state from NATO, the U.S., and other countries have called on Russia to deescalate or face retaliation. According to the most recent estimates, nearly 200,000 Russian troops were on the border before the invasion.


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