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Study Tips: Tips to Get 1st Rank in Your Exams

Want to Score Good Marks in Your Exams? Here are some of the study tips given by the best astrologer in Bangalore Pandit Shri Sidhant Arun Sharma Guruji. Follow these exam tips and you will secure good marks in your all exams.

Toppers Secret that will help you Top in Any Exam

We have all known toppers and believed that toppers’ secret methods and ways of studying made them super smart in exams. In this article, we are going to shed light on the secrets to scoring good marks and the study tips used by toppers. We are also going to give you some Vedic tips used in ancient India to sharpen the brain given by the best astrologer in Bangalore.

These study tips will help you make an impression on everyone in your educational field and will intern help you land a career of your choice. We have put together these tips that are both practical and easy to apply. We urge you to start implementing these as soon as possible and share your valuable feedback with us.

Study Tips to Score Good Marks

The tips given below help you to study and memorize content faster than anyone. Use these tips to study and learn for your exams so that you have an edge over your competitors.  You must know that there are limited opportunities in the world and in order to get a shot at your dream career, you need to be better than a thousand other people looking at the same job. These tips given below will help you stay on top of your study game and ace any exam in your life.

  • Put in efforts to regularly have complete and notes and collect study materials provided. Make sure you have the notes of all the important concepts taught in the classroom. Get the study materials from various sources. Take a library membership if required. This will give you enough reading resources as well as study space. Take proper hard copies of the notes
  • Make regular short notes of everything you study. This will act as a short revision and  this will help you nail the concepts in repeated revisions.
  • Take mock tests regularly and try to score 100% marks. You must know that the competition is fierce and you will have to get top marks . Attend different exams on the same concept in order to get rid of exam fear and nervousness.
  • What differentiates the best from the rest is practice. If you want to be the best, you need to put in significant amount of effort in regular practice. Revision is the most basic and yet the most important step you need to do regularly to improve your hold and confidence to crack the exam.

Astrology Tips to Score Good Marks

These Vastu tips for study are given by the best astrologer in Bangalore, PANDIT SHRI SIDHANT ARUN SHARMA GURUJI. He mentions these main 3 tips in order to have your fate and luck favor you in your endeavors if your career.

  • The room you choose to study in must always be in eat, north or north east direction. This will help positive energy flow through your body which enhances your studying capabilities.
  •  Place a saraswati yantra near child’s bedside or study table. This will bless the child with lord Saraswathi’s blessings.
  • To help your child memorize better, make a square piece of copper pendant and make your child wear it in neck. This will help your child memorize better.
  • Make sure there is abundance of sun light in the study room. This will help the child focus and keep a warm atmosphere. Make sure that the shadow of the child does not fall on the books and study materials.


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